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Come To Arizona

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Come to Arizona
You won't be sorry that you did
There'll be people all around
A crowd to camouflage the feelings you want kept hid
Oh come to Arizona
The sun will make you all carefree
And the songs you hear bout love
Will just be yet another song
Sung too perfectly on key
And songs about the blues
Won't get you down to your work-boots

Oh Come to Arizona
Come, come, come

Back home we both have friends
And everyday we both depend
On old routines
They've lost their lustre
Past their due
And I can see it makes you feel
Heavy in your heart
Where you used to smile and dance
And make everyone feel brand new

So come to Arizona
It's warm where you have turned cold
And there's things that I could show you
That you surely ain't been told
Tell your boss that you are through
And I will tell the plane to hold
We'll make new again connection
(That) grow old

Come to Arizona
Come, come, come...