Aug 7, 2020

Dear humans, 

The songs I wrote and recorded from my home studio in the early pandemic days - beginning with 'Its The End Of The World (Again)' and culminating with a brand new unreleased single - are getting a second life starting this Friday Aug 7, with release on Flatcar Records/Fontana North - remixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan. 

These songs feel like a time capsule for that heady dreamscape, and were a life-raft to me as I fumbled about, trying to find new bearings (along with everyone else in the world). Some of the songs are silly disco-escapism, some are more somber and serious. With each of them my goal was just to be present, truthful and vulnerable - to reach inside the creative impulse without lingering too much in perfectionism; or dwelling on the way I would have done things 'before'. 

I played and recorded all the parts myself (centred around Omnichord which was new to me) even though other people could have played them better. I said 'yes, and' to myself again and again, and it filled me with enthusiasm for what I'm capable of, and for what creative expression can do for the human condition. As silly as it might sound, it gave me comfort to think that if I can rise to this occasion, I can probably handle even greater challenges as they (will surely) come. 

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Challenges, perhaps - such as learning the arts of DIY photography, cinematography, and graphic design - to name a few. I am just beginning to dip my toes in these waters, but it's a lot of fun so far. 

This music video was filmed behind my home, as I began experimenting with these new tools, and is very much a part of this pandemic time-capsule, as much as the songs themselves. It's filmed in a courtyard that had been slated for demolition, but due to pandemic work-stoppages it lay empty for many months, rewilding itself. It was filled with detritus from its old occupants, but as the summer progressed, Mother Nature came in and redecorated and it looked more and more like a beautiful garden. 

I think I can safely say that few people saw this unique location at the height of its beauty, and they never will again as it's currently being flattened. Except maybe through a video like this one (and a slew of photos I took around the same time). 

Props to Josh Lyon, who translated all my experimental whimsy into a much more watchable 5 minute visual medley. 

Click on the video to watch, like, comment and subscribe if you have not yet! There will be new videos with each of the songs as we release over the coming weeks. 

Thanks for your support, I hope this brings you a little bit of joy, as it did for me. 

<3 cb





Colleen Brown

Recorded in Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Toronto Ontario, Los Angeles CA, and Colleen's Edmonton Alberta attic.
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