I didn’t think I would release this recording. 

Mother’s Spiritual (Laura Nyro Christmas Song Cover) 

What an intensely beautiful and generous song she offered up here. 

I wanted to do it justice, and I always thought I could do better, more technically perfect. 

It sat on my hard drive for years, gathering digital dust, and the moment to re-record it seems to have passed. But every time I listen back to it, I hear how much I love(d) the song, and it moves me. I think we captured a moment, me and Elijah Abrams on guitar, Jesse Northey engineering at Edmonton Studio on a cold winter day in the middle of your average flu season. 

In the words of another great writer: 

Ring the bells that still can ring 

Forget your perfect offering 

There is a crack, a crack in everything 

That’s how the light gets in 

(Thanks for that one, Leonard Cohen) 

Photo by Dwayne Martineau 

Released today only on streaming services, via Flatcar Records/Fontana North along with all the other Christmas tunes I’ve recorded on one EP (Home) ✨ 

Go ahead and add it to your holiday playlists, if you please. 

<3 cb



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