Hello to all of you - it’s been a while. Lots has been happening, and maybe, like me, you’ve lost all sense of time! (Has it been forever? Was it actually basically last week? Who knows.) 

I’ve been keeping my head down, quietly working away on a solo record for the past few years - many months before I made Isolation Songs in 2020. It is probably called ‘Winging It’, though that is likely to be debated until the last moment before it hits the presses, appropriately (haha). I co-produced this record with a few different collaborators, but at the centre of the album is piano. These are songs I wrote at the Banff Centre, and while tree planting in 2019 (ok there’s some guitar in there too, not many pianos in the woods) with a few older tunes that have been kicking around my live shows for many years without ever finding a home on record. In fact, this album is very much about a sense of home, and loss, and coming into one’s own. The official line is ‘a whimsical album about death and solitude’.  

’Winging It’ will come out (in digital and physical formats!) on Flatcar Records/Fontana North sometime this summer - more details soon!  

Major Love also has plans to record another full length this spring at the National Music Centre in Calgary, with producer Marcus Paquin. We’re very excited about this one, we’ll let you know how that’s coming along! It will likely come out in early 2023 (though you might hear bits of it later this year!) 

I have just started dipping my toe back in the live-performance-pool … my pal Jody Glenham has asked me to join her for a few shows, backing her up on keys and vocals. She also invited me to open this next show with some of my own songs, so I am happy to debut a bunch of the tunes that make up ‘Winging It’.  

More show confirmations are slowly rolling in - not yet confirmed - but I can say BC and Alberta will be seeing a good amount of me in the next 6 months. Here’s what I can currently announce: 

Sat April 2 - Gibsons BC - Postrophe (opening solo, and playing with Jody Glenham) 
8pm, $15/door. for advance tix/deets. 

FB event: 

July 8-10 - Courtenay BC - Vancouver Island Musicfest - CB Sings the Joni Mitchell Songbook 

More info/tix: 

As always, I'd love to see you there.  
Wishing you health & happiness. 
<3 cb

Isolation Songs